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Meet Our Interior Designers

Nancy McCormack ›

Interior Designer

Nancy has a unique eye for color a vast product knowledge, and many contacts within the industry. She can design a treatment for any style window, plan your rooms, and also stage homes for selling.

Francesca Simoncelli ›

Interior Designer

Francesca is a Connecticut native who has always had a passion for interior design. Francesca comes with over 10 years experience in luxury retail furniture and design. She is extremely versatile and detail-oriented in her designs--anything from traditional to modern can be achieved.

Don Richards ›

Interior Designer

A graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, Don has worked in the design industry for over 20 years. Each of Don’s projects is carefully tailored to the client’s individual needs, tastes, and budget. One of his hallmarks is taking cues from the architecture of the home to ensure a completely integrated and seamless environment. He enjoys helping clients realize their vision for a space and says that often they know what they want but find it difficult to put it into words. With careful questions and a thoughtful approach, Don guides his clients through the design process until they have well-loved spaces.