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Kindel Furniture
Kindel Furniture
Kindel Furniture

Proudly Made in the USA

Kindel makes each masterpiece especially for you in our Grand Rapids, Michigan facility. It is more of a work studio than a factory. We do not do mass production and we do not make a product until you order it. Kindel artisans are committed to let every chair, desk, table, bed, chest, sofa, and side piece emerge with integrity and hand-craftsmanship. And be its own unique piece. You may register your piece with us at Kindel as with any piece of fine art.

Bench Assembly and a Marrying of Old and New Techniques

Fluted and spiral dowel construction, spline and tenon techniques are how we assemble products and have been for 300 years of fine furniture building. That is the collective age of all our brands. Our methods are not the fastest nor the cheapest, but they are the best and define Kindel as a true, American, luxury brand.

Artistic and Hand Rubbed Finishes and a Celebration of Color

We are known for our amazing finishes. Our process is complex and requires over thirty steps with the final detail being hand rubbing, a step that creates a luxurious depth of finish and tactile feel, second to none. Kindel has over sixty finishes with a broad range of colors to choose from. If you cannot find what you like, we do custom finishes as well.

Meticulous Selection of Materials

From our top-grade lumber and exotic veneers to our finishing materials and fine brasses and hardware, Kindel selects only the finest materials to go into each piece we make. We have learned that quality materials must go in to maintain the luxury standard for which we are known. We have a sense of responsibility to our artisans, our community, our dealer network, our customers, our country, and our world. Materials harvested from our earth have been our companion and our resource for over a century. We honor that and we wish to leave a positive imprint on our world.

Three Brands, Stronger Together

Since 1901 the Kindel Furniture Company has preserved an enduring heritage of craftsmanship, scholarship, and authenticity. From inception, founder Charles J. Kindel had a vision to build the world’s finest furniture. Kindel has never wavered from his original vision.

The legacy of the Kindel family transferred ownership in 1964 when Kindel was purchased by John Fisher of Muncie, Indiana. The Fisher family has maintained family ownership for over 50 years with a dedication and commitment to 100% American-made furniture. While other companies have sought lower cost methods and offshore production, Kindel held a standard for domestic work, and today handcrafts 100% of our furniture in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Recent acquisitions of heritage brand Karges Furniture (Evansville, Indiana) in 2014 and Councill Furniture (Denton, North Carolina) in 2015 have positioned the company uniquely as the preeminent, luxury furniture brand made in the United States that is committed to bench-made methods and superior craftsmanship. The three brands are joined in the Kindel factory and collectively are known today as Kindel Grand Rapids. Each of our brands brings unique design elements and distinctive value propositions to our clients. Kindel, Karges, Councill and Councill Contract are stronger together and each complements the other in the marketplace.