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Hourglass Metal Grandfather Clock

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19"W x 18"D x 79"H

Hourglass Metal Grandfather Clock


Place the Hourglass metal grandfather clock in any room for a bold conversation starter. This steampunk-inspired timepiece has a sand-filled hourglass in the case, which is adjustable by hand and can be used to time one hour. Go bold with this grandfather clock, which has a metal frame and aged iron finish for an industrial look. The wooden base is weathered and distressed to impart an aged look, with a cogwheel accent for a realistic finishing touch. The dial has antique-inspired details, such as classic Roman numerals and embossed gears with an aged sandstone finish. The hands have an aged iron finish to complement the other colors and textures of this clock, which can be incorporated into any interior design style. A convex glass crystal coversthe dial to protect against dust and damage. Triple-chime Harmonic movement plays either Ave Maria or Westminster chimes on the hour with a strike, with chimes on the quarter-hours. Other options include a Westminster chime and strike on each hour or aBim Bam chime on each hour. Features include volume control and an automatic nighttime shut-off for customizable sound. This metal grandfather clock has quartz movement and requires two C-sized batteries.

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