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Framed Chinese Qing Dynasty Ancestral Patriarch Po

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33.75"W x 47.5"H

Framed Chinese Qing Dynasty Ancestral Patriarch Po


This ancestral portrait is probably from the 18th century. It is in very good condition and is nicely framed. The chinese ancestors respect strict codified criterias. These portraits follow a standard compositional formula, including presentation of thefigure full length and seated with a frontal orientation. We can see that according to different ancestors portrait only the face changes however, the facial expression stays the same. The Chinese ancestors drawings are made depending on different beliefs as Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and peoples religion. The Chinese ancestors represents a deceased in a still posture with a festive attire (Chinese dignitaries dress and hat). The majority of the portraits are classified as ancestor, or memorial portraits, defined as likenesses painted for the purpose of ritual worship. The chinese ancestors are painted by virtue of to two codes the need for verisimilitude and the desire to embellish the portrait of the deceased.

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