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4 Spring Home Decor Trends

Spring Trends

Spring is almost here! Here are a few design trends you can expect to see this season.


Nordic Retreat Style

Nordic Retreat

This design style builds off the Scandinavian style. Scandi style is characterized by neutral color and simplistic design. However, Nordic Comfort updates this style with more texture and pattern in order to give it a little more depth and create a more inviting space that urges one to disconnect from the outside world. This style is characterized by warmer neutrals such as canvas white and cream. This trend embraces natural wood and the imperfection of whicker and ceramic accessories. Some key materials include sheepskin, bleached wood, whicker, and wool.

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Large Baskets

Large baskets

Fur Pillow


Striped Area Rug

Area rug

Floor Lamp

Floor lamp



Navy Style

The 2020 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue (a navy shade), which means you can expect to see a lot of this color this year. Luckily, navy is such a versatile and easy color to use!

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Arm Chair

Accent chair

Pattern Area Rug

Area rug

2 over 2 Sofa



Abstract Patterns and Shapes

Abstract Style

The purpose of abstract energy is to bring personality and life to the home. This style is characterized by color blocking patterns, primary colors, modern metals, and unusual geometric shapes. This style allows for more playfulness and fun with your home décor!


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Table Lamp


Abstract Coffee Table

Coffee Table

Abstract Painting


Flamingo Rug

Area Rug


Vintage Accents

Vintage Style

More and more designers are starting to incorporate vintage accents in their designs. However, it’s typically one or two vintage statement pieces, so choose something that you find and interesting and that you really love and let that be the star of your room!


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Rose Marble Makeup Table

Rose marble makeup table

Gemstone Chandelier

Ten Arm Chrystal Chandelier

Vintage Dining Table

Dining Table

Vintage Candlestick


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