Middlebury Furniture & Home Design

Vyne Restaurant & Bar

In 2009, Dr. Dean Yimoyines and his family chose their hometown of Middlebury, Connecticut as the place to build a unique furniture showroom & gift shoppe. As Middlebury Consignment quickly became an all-day destination, they realized their customers would need a place to eat. Starting from a simple cafe, this eatery has taken a leap towards becoming one of Connecticut’s best restaurants: Vyne.

With the opening of Vyne, the Yimoyines family is returning to their roots. Dr. Yimoyines’ father, Constantine, owned the iconic Les Shaw’s – today fondly remembered throughout greater New Haven.

With a classic yet inventive menu, Vyne’s recipes are receiving accolades and winning fans. Visit us, and taste for yourself!

Vyne Restaurant & Bar will bring you the finest dining combined with an amazing bar and outdoor dining that is unmatched in central Connecticut. And, for a one-of-a-kind experience, ask about our special Chef’s Counter dining options.

Call Vyne at (203) 518-4000 or visit us at: www.vynerestaurant.com.